On the third day in Venice late summer this year, it rained. I wanted to go to Burano, but I canceled that. Not much of a point to visit colorful Burano when what I wanted was to be photographing the colorful buildings there. I had lunch at the Jewish Ghetto near the train station instead.

As I had finished lunch and was about to walk to San Marco through the Rialto Bridge, it started to rain. I decided to go to the bar with the fabulous cichetti and wine, but it was closing just as I dashed in at three o’clock, and it would only reopen later at five. Suddenly I find myself stranded with nothing in particular to do.

Walking in the rain in Venice

What the heck. I decided to walk in the rain. I did not even bother to buy an umbrella. And I filmed the walk just for some silly fun.

Rain or shine, the walking route from Ponte degli Scalzi to San Marco through the Rialto Bridge, is always bustling with tourists. The rain, however, added an oddly romantic and charming dimension to it. Truly memorable.

Oh, I caught a cold. I flew to Paris the day after, and it took me a week to recover. My word of advice, do the walk if you visit Venice, but if you do it in the rain, try to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella.