Da Marisa : a perfect lunch spot in Venice

During my one week stay in Sep 2019 in Florence, my host suggested that I visit four churches, namely, Santo Spirito, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Croce.
Supreme Shark's Fin with Chicken & Abalone Soup 砂煲鸡鲍翅

Happy Joy 萬喜 : south-eastern Chinese dishes that spark joy!

It was a fabulous dinner. We started in Canton with some soup and some crustacean delight. Then we jump shipped to Hakka for pork and sidetracked to Taiwan for chicken. Next, we swirled past Swatow landing in Guangzhou for fish before being shuttled to Shanghai for a sweet Chinese meringue finish.
Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce and Taro

Marvellous dim sum lunch at 藝 Yi by Jereme Leung

Best refined dim sum in Singapore I had in a while - "It is taking the best of all the Chinese regions and blending them in one place."
Ass or horse?

Mantova & Verona : Ass & Horse

In early September, I was in Mantova before heading to Verona for the Arena Opera Festival. As I was only staying one night, I decided to choose a local restaurant for dinner to try the local specialty: donkey meat.

Sardine in Seminyak, Bali : My "go to" lunch place before my flight back to Singapore

I have been to Bali many times over the last eight years. But I have rarely eaten at any restaurants more than once or twice, given the large numbers of quality restaurants and the short duration of these trips. I would say the only exception is Sardine.

Thai Lao Yeh : Refined Northern Thai in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

If you need a respite from your shopping in all the look-alike shopping malls on the main Sukhumvit strip, go to Thai Lao Yeh. C’est un dépaysement instantané!