Sardine in Seminyak, Bali : My "go to" lunch place before my flight back to Singapore

I have been to Bali many times over the last eight years. But I have rarely eaten at any restaurants more than once or twice, given the large numbers of quality restaurants and the short duration of these trips. I would say the only exception is Sardine.

Thai Lao Yeh : Refined Northern Thai in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

If you need a respite from your shopping in all the look-alike shopping malls on the main Sukhumvit strip, go to Thai Lao Yeh. C’est un dépaysement instantané!

Chuan Hung : Sichuan noodle joint with some pretty tasty side dishes

I wanted to catch-up with a friend over lunch near her workplace but did not want to have another Western-style mid-end meal. So we decided to give the new Sichuan joint Chuan Hung a shot instead. We went early at 1130 to ensure we get seats.…