A&W Jewel Saga : adding "Arts and Culture" to a viral video

WATCH WITH MUSIC ON. A brawl broke out a few days ago in A&W Jewel Changi, apparently over seats. A friend sent me the video of the fight that had gone viral. I got inspired. I slowed down the video quite a bit to create a sort of Bill Viola effect and added a section of Schubert Eb Schubert, Trio op. 100 – Andante con moto to it
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Florence churches worth a visit

During my one week stay in Sep 2019 in Florence, my host suggested that I visit four churches, namely, Santo Spirito, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Croce.

Old Sichuan Teahouse

This Sichuan teahouse in Pengzhen was as old school as you can get. It looked like it had not changed a little bit since the Cultural Revolution.